How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer to Capture Your Special Moments

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Questions You Should Ask an Event Photographer before Booking a Service

To be a good commercial or event photographer and to have the latest photography equipment may sometimes not be enough to guarantee the final results will be satisfactory. Different people have different requirements towards an event photographer, so before hiring one, make sure he/she will do the job the way you want to get it done. Asking the following questions will help you determine whether the photographer you speak to will match  your requirements.

Event photography

What is your photography style?

  • Photo-journalistic (without posing)
  • Traditional (most of the pictures are of people who pose)
  • Mix of both

Do you shoot color, black and white, or you mix both?

  • If you like black and white photography, make sure you hire a photographer who works with digital cameras because all of the color shots can be later converted to black and white.

Do you have an assistant or a second photographer to help you?

  • If you want to have every moment of your wedding captured, you need to hire an event photographer who works in a team of two or even three.

Do you edit the photos?

  • We advise you find a photographer who can send you all of the raw images but also selects and edits the best shots to create the perfect collection for your wedding album.

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