Why Is Professional Photography Important for Realtors?

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Can You Sell Your Home Faster if It Is Shot by a Professional Photographer?

Professional residential property photography plays a really important role in the market of real estate sales. You don’t believe this? Read this post, and learn how hiring a professional photographer may help you attract times more potential buyers than amateur pictures taken with your phone.

It has been estimated that almost 90% of the people in the US who want to buy a home do some online research. This means that the most important aspect of your campaign should be online advertising of your real estate. Agree with me that without the proper professional pictures, your property’s presentation will look a lot less attractive to potential buyers than if you have hired a professional photographer to shoot your home at its best angles, throwing in the light of the pictures its most appealing sides and interior design advantages. A talented and skilled photographer can make even an old and damaged property look better than a just-built construction that has been shot with a smartphone.

In order to prove what I have just said, I will share with you some data, based on clicks:

  • Real estate photographyHow many more clicks do professional photos receive? While average pictures gained 2451, expert real estate photographs lead to 5979 clicks. This means that professional photo listing clicks generated an average of more than 130% increase in clicks in comparison to similar clicks.
  • What percentage of residential properties sold were sold with photos from a professional camera vs point and shoot? Digital SLR Photography and point and shoot photography show almost the same results for homes which are appraised to cost around $200K (market price). For luxury homes priced $600,000 to $1 million, on the other hand, official data provided by local realtors points that the chances of such real estate to be sold increase with 8% to 12% when they are shot by a professional photographer.
  • What percentage of active listings inTucson, AZ use professional photos?
  • Homes with market price $300K- $500K. Professional photography – 41%, point and shoot – 59%.
  • Homes with market price $500K- $1 million. Professional photography – 58%, point and shoot – 42%.
  • Homes with market price over $1 million. Professional photography – 69%, point and shoot – 31%.

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