How to Take Photos in Low Light

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Guide from a Reliable Commercial Photographer on Taking the Perfect Pictures at Night or When the Weather Is Cloudy

When the weather is bad or you have to take pictures at night when you have no natural light, you may find the following tips from our skilled commercial photographer quite useful.

  • The most important thing you need to have if you want to shoot clear pictures at low light is external flash, especially if you are taking pictures of people and objects which are close to you. Consider using a diffuser to reduce the harsh shadows.
    In order to create a clear and unique night or low light images, you will need a good DSLR camera with manual controls which will allow you to set a high ISO. Your camera should have burst shooting capabilities and the ability to shoot raw images which can be edited later on.
  • The lens you should use are preferably with an aperture below f/2.8. Look for lens with image stabilization or vibration reduction.
    When you press the shutter release, you may shake the camera. A remote release will help you reduce that shake. You can also use a tripod to reduce that shake, especially when you are shooting objects from a long distance.

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