1. What should I ask the photographer first?

Once you learn that the professional you are planning to hire is available for the date, you will want to ask what his or her philosophy about photography is and what the entire process will be like. You should make an appointment with the person in question to see if your styles complement each other. If you like what they are saying and you feel comfortable with the plan, rest assured that you will make the right choice by hiring them.

2. How do I find the right event photographer for my individual needs?

Your choice should be based on several different factors. Do some extensive research by checking online or asking your friends and neighbors. Make sure you also ask the local Chamber of Commerce in Tucson, AZ. You can also keep your eyes and ears open when you attend special events or photo exhibits. Once you have made a list of potential photographers and met with each of them in person, you will be able to make the right choice for your event. You should look for a professional whose work moves you in a certain way, whose style you like and relate to, and who tells a story the way you want your story to be told.

3. Why have wedding photography services become so expensive?

Many things have changed about photography for the past decades. When your parents got married, wedding photographers have probably worked with a shorter film and only took the photographs that they knew would sell after the event. This led to cookie-cutter photography that left every album looking almost the same. The true and unique story of the day was never truly told. Back in those days, the photographers did not take 200 photos that could be edited. Today, the photojournalists can take up to 10 times that many, and they can capture the unique story being told at the event. Besides the technology, we have also seen development in photo albums.

4. What are the technical details I should look out for?

Lighting quality has always been and always will be an important ingredient in superior photography. The light in photos is recommended to be natural and flattering so that the pictures look three-dimensional. Overuse of on-camera flash often ruins pictures, regardless of where they have been taken. You should be mindful of flattened faces, dark shadows directly behind subjects, and harsh reflections off of cheeks and foreheads. With a pinch of finesse, a professional photographer can work with almost any kind of outdoor lighting situation without having to use a flash.

5. What are the advantages I will get with a professional commercial photographer?

An expert will always be punctual and prompt – arriving at your event on time and getting the results to you according to the designated schedule. A professional has the perfect equipment and film for capturing the entire event without any issues. With an experienced wedding or aerial photographer, you will definitely be at ease at the event you want to remember. A trained specialist uses a color laboratory that is designed according to the highest professional standards of the industry. Last, but not least, a true expert like Ron McCoy Photography is used to working with all kinds of individuals or couples so that they can all feel comfortable with his or her services.