Aerial Photography Shooting Tips for Beginner Commercial Photographers

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Free advice from a licensed and experienced commercial photographer on How to shoot aerial photographs

Today, the expert commercial photographer of Ron McCoy Photography will share some of his knowledge on making aerial photographs with those of you who are new to commercial photography but would like to quickly learn more and more about it! We will discuss the two most common approaches towards aerial photography and will highlight both of their benefits and drawbacks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both vertical and oblique aerial photos?

  • Vertical aerial photos.

Vertical aerial photos are taken directly over a project, straight down where the camera lens is perpendicular to the ground.

* You cannot shoot well a single object from different angles if you only apply the vertical shooting approach as the images will be distorted.
* It is perfect for displaying street views and open areas/surrounding area of land.
* It is easy to make distance measurements when using this shooting method.
* Vertical shooting of buildings results in poor quality pictures and is not recommended.
* This method provides poor perception of height and elevation contrary to the oblique one, which can draw a quite accurate picture.
* When it comes to precision, this method is better. It can also be used when making maps.

  • Oblique aerial photos.

Oblique aerial photos are taken at an angle to a subject rather than directly from overhead.

* It is a perfect approach if you want to shoot a single object from a variety of angles.
* It is perfect for displaying street views and open areas/surrounding area of land.
* Distance measurements are often poor when this method is chosen.
* Shooting buildings from a distance is perfect when you choose a more personalized angle of shooting.
* Through this shooting method, the objects seem more natural.
* This method cannot provide you with a map precision.

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